Welcome to The Cotswolds

We've left Shrewsbury and are now in an area called Bourton-on-the-Water. Andrew Bullock, owner and proprietor of Aston Farm, has been kind enough to host Enroot on a magnificent hillside plot, overlooking a rolling sheep covered landscape. Aston Farm is an arable farm, mostly producing rape seed, barley, and wheat. 

Yesterday, the team visited the home farm of Allen Cox, a lifetime resident of Stow-on-the-Water, just next to Bourton. We were just in time to see some of the end of this years crop of asparagus, strawberries, and broad beans. The leeks, however had gone beyond their edible stage and had begun to flower. None of us had ever seen leek flowers before, but they looked like some kind of fictional plant from Alice in Wonderland, so we picked some for our tents back on Aston Farm.